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Juan Pablo Santamaria, born 1980 in Oviedo, Asturias in the north of Spain: land of princes, warriors and magic legends.

True to his roots, his work always reflects his love for fighting against conventional social norms, to dream free and transform the reality through the magic of his eyes and his camera.

Aside from being certified in Oviedo’s Tourism University, his real passions ever since he was a child were buried in Fashion and Art. So he moved to Barcelona to study Fashion Design and he complete his own artistic training with vectorial illustration and image editing programs.

Once in Barcelona his Art has progressed in a rapid evolution that took him from Fashion Design to Illustration, then to Graphic Design and finally to Photography, which began in 2007. That’s why Santamaria’s current work is now understood as a union of all this artistic disciplines, making his art totally different from the rest.

“For me, the limits between Photography and painting do not exist. The real challenge is in turning fantasy into reality in the smoothest way as possible.”

As a photographer and graphic designer, his work has been illustrated on the pages and covers of books, magazines, flyers and advertising around the world including: Spain, Australia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Israel, Brazil and England. Not only have his art become internationally recognized but have also been one of the few Spanish artist to captivate the public from the big advertising screens held up in Times Square, NYC.

He is a multifaceted artist, able to adapt to any style for any client, but easily recognizable for his excellent blend of Photography and Graphic Design. Its stylish, colorful and provocative images marks a very personal universe somewhere between Fashion, Drawing , Fantasy and Eroticism with a innocent Pop vintage hint and lots of aesthetic elegance.

Juan Pablo Santamaria refers to himself as “a dreamer and determined seeker of Beauty”…Precisely because of this, his photography is never irrelevant; in every photograph, every single inch of detail is taken care of so as to always transmit a message to the viewer and introduce us all to the private universe of this creator. A view to his Works is an unforgettable journey through colors, dreams and fashion with a unique vision that is unrepeatable.